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What is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing is the eco-friendly way of completely revamping the chipped, faded, discolored cabinets you’ve had for years. In our experience, most people are under the assumption that in order to have new and modern cabinets, they have to go out and completely replace what they already have. But here at Central Renovation Solutions, we are firm believers that no cabinet is “too messed up” to fix; our company sees the possibilities in every project we oversee, all while keeping in mind the most cost-efficient options for our clients. While most of our clients are in the multifamily industry, we also provide services to commercial venues and residencies. Our cost-effective, time (and money) saving refacing program is the perfect way to give your units a brand new look for alot less money!


The high-quality products we offer for the price you pay is unheard of! We work with such large quantities that great manufacture companies have developed relationships with us. Because of this, we are able to offer better prices than most of our competitors, along with getting the job done professionally, and providing our clients with a longer warranty. We call this affordable luxury!
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