5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

There’s never been a better time to tackle those at-home organization projects we always say we’ll get to if and when we just had the time. So, now that we have the time—let’s start with the kitchen. No matter the size of your kitchen, keeping it organized can be a huge task because of all the small appliances, containers, utensils, and cookware that need to find a home in your cabinets. Thankfully, at CRS, we know cabinetry better than anyone else. And we know that organized cabinets can make a kitchen look and feel brand new (without the hefty expense of remodeling). Let’s start with our Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Tips…

1. Use utensil trays for more than just silverware.

Utensil trays are pretty common in the American household when it comes to organizing our silverware—but if you take a peek into most of the other drawers holding cooking spoons, spatulas, measuring cups, and more—they can start looking more like junk drawers. Utensil trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can fit in any kitchen cabinet or drawer. Start organizing your utensils, pot holders, and kitchen towels with organized trays and you won’t believe the difference it makes when looking for what you need!

2. Hang your cookware to save on space.

Hanging your cookware above the range not only looks like a great interior design option out of a home renovation magazine, but it really saves on cabinet space. But if you prefer your cookware to stay out of the spotlight, there are options for that too. Cookware organizers come in endless shapes and sizes—so you can easily organize your cookware out of sight.

3. Use a label-maker.

Label-makers are a very inexpensive way to organize not only your kitchen but every area of your house. Purchase a pack of reusable airtight storage containers for your favorite snacks and food items (like spaghetti, nuts, or candy) and label away. This is an eco-friendly way to steer clear of overusing plastic bags (plus, labels just make things look better).

4. Add some expandable cabinet shelving.

Don’t have enough space for your plates, bowls, and cups? Add more. Adding an expandable shelf will give you the option of taking advantage of the vertical space in your cabinets without the fear of over-stacking and breaking your favorite mug.

5. Introduce a spice rack to the mix.

If you’re into cooking (and even if you’re not) we all need more room for seasonings and spices in our cabinets. These items are small but they take up a lot of space. Purchasing a spice rack or a tiered miniature Lazy Susan turntable can make all the difference.

Now that the inside of your cabinets are organized you might be inspired to give the outside an update too. Our cabinet refacing is an affordable, eco-friendly way to completely revamp the chipped, faded, and discolored cabinets you’ve had for years. (And, with all the time we’re spending at home these days—it would be nice to update the view.)

Don’t know what you’re looking for? Take a peek through our online gallery for interior design ideas and concepts for every style and preference. Contact us for your custom quote today!

– Your Family at CRS Cabinets


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